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The Gilded Prince: A Prelude to A Wicked Wind

The Gilded Prince: A Prelude to A Wicked Wind

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Twenty-three years before the events of The Hunter's Gambit, The Gilded Prince delves into one of the seminal moments in the life of Jonas Belgi, taking place when he is a mere 4 months old.

Princess Rhiannon Belgi and her husband Joel, the third-born Seraph, have been summoned to Dalita by Kevara Avlon, the Angelus and Joel's mother.

Despite it being the heart of winter, Rhiannon agrees to travel north with her young family to the Basilica, where Jonas will be baptized and formally acknowledged as a prince among angels.

Despite their frosty interactions in the past, Rhiannon is hopeful that attending the ceremony will help thaw her relationship with her husband's family.

The events that follow delve deep into the personal histories of Rhiannon and Joel, as forces beyond their control conspire to alter their lives forever. This is a story of love, family, and sacrifice.

This is The Gilded Prince.