The Hunter's Gambit (The Archanium Codex Book 1)                                                                                                                                                                        Kindle Edition

The Hunter's Gambit (The Archanium Codex Book 1) Kindle Edition

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"Dazzling...exceptional...McIntire maintains grandeur and tension throughout...A taut, engaging tale that sets its diverse heroes and villains on a slow boil toward chaos." - Kirkus Reviews

"There’s not a single page in the book that left me not wanting to read the next, and readers will find it hard to put down once they’ve gotten absorbed in the story.

THE HUNTER’S GAMBIT will thoroughly satisfy those readers who enjoy a well-written fantasy novel with classic fantasy tropes cleverly rewoven into a new, creative and engaging tale." - IndieReader Review

No one promised Aleksei Drago an easy life. Growing up amongst the Ri-Vhan of Seil Wood, losing his mother and just as suddenly being torn from the forest folk, Aleksei had no choice but to make the best of an unpredictable situation.

But what happens when the monsters and figures of fiction become horrifyingly real? How will Aleksei cope? When the stakes are at their highest, will he finally falter? Or will he rise to the occasion, reforging himself into the man Prophecy demands he become? In a world of magic and Magi, of Angels and Demons alike, how will a simple farm boy survive his own contorted destiny?

This is the story of a seemingly-simple world gone mad, and the reality that every action, no matter how apparently benign, can serve to unravel terrifying truths. This is the story of Aleksei Drago, farmer, Hunter, and so much more.